April 2016

The right contractor gives you piece of mind

Apr 29, 2016

Infinite Home Services has a history of being the level headed managers to deal with multiple subcontractors for any service you need in and around your home. Fully insured and licensed by MHIC, we are the link between you and the people doing the work. We take away the pain of home improvements. When you […]

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Home rehab and remodeling

Apr 11, 2016

Infinite Home Services specializes in home rehabs. If you want to fix up your house, remodel a room, add on rooms or even take a wall out, we have professionals available to do whatever you need to turn your home into what you have always wanted. Rehabbing a home can be overwhelming. Using a contractor […]

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Little things mean a lot

Apr 4, 2016

At Infinite Home Services we are not interested solely in the large jobs. Everything, including handyman services, are important for our clients. Right between a service professional and DIY is the handyman. He can do things that are too advanced for you to do yourself, but don’t necessarily need need a master plumber, professional roofer […]

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Home improvements prior to putting your house on the market (Part 2)

Apr 1, 2016

Last time we talked about how you can make some positive changes to make your home more attractive to buyers. This week it is really about what you should not do before you put you list your home for sale. Now is not the time to construct an addition on your home. Fix up what […]

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