Arborist and Tree Service

An important aspect to the overall health of your home is keeping trees from getting out of hand. Trees can have roots that grow into pipes, push up sidewalks and generally make a nuisance of themselves. Sap from trees can drip onto your house or car, and branches may fall during windy storms.

Shade trees can help lower the temperature of your yard, give the kids a place to play and offer a pretty view. Having trees give the yard more of a homey feel, but they should still be shaped and maintained over the years to keep your family safe.

BGE generally comes around once a year to take branches away from the wires, but they do not look at aesthetics. They are only concerned about electrical issues and not how the tree looks when they are finished.

Dead or weakened limbs can fall during storms that result in serious damage to your home or family members. You may need fertilizing, pruning or treatment for disease. Aeration around roots can help the tree stay healthy. Some trees need bracing to keep them growing straight. If a tree needs to be completely removed, we also have a stump grinding service to finish the job.

We can send one of our arborists to come to your home and give you a checkup on the greenery on your property. The arborist will assess the trees surrounding your house and advise you on how to proceed. They will also let you know if you can wait a few years before having any work done.

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