Basement Finishing

Basements are generally the most under-used part of any home. Ceiling, drywall, electrical and flooring can all be part of finishing a basement. At Infinite Home Services, we have staff members who are experts in all of those areas. We can come up with a game plan to get your basement done in a timely fashion without the workers stepping all over each other.

Because so many wires and ducts are in the ceiling of basements, drop ceilings are often a popular choice. With a drop ceiling, lighting, electrical and even smoke detectors can be installed with the simple removal of a ceiling panel. Panels come in a variety of styles and materials.

Putting up drywall can be a challenge in the basement. Make sure your basement has no water seepage or dampness before starting on drywall. If you need waterproofing, it should be done ahead of time. Divide the space as you see fit. We can wall off areas, to add valuable closet space, if there is room.

Adding electrical circuits may be necessary if the room is going to be used for a home theater, office or spare bedroom. Lighting and electrical outlets can be added with the addition of the circuit.

Lastly, add some flooring to cover up the plain concrete. Whether it is tile, vinyl or carpet, we can help you chose what will work best for your basement.

By finishing your basement, you will increase the value of the home. By adding more living area to your house, you will make better use of the space you have.

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