Bathroom Renovation Refinishing

Infinite Home Services takes great pride in renovating bathrooms to be more useful as well as beautiful. We can remodel a bathroom from top to bottom, or just make changes to one aspect. The bathrooms in most homes are very straightforward, but this is one area where you can really put your creativity to use in the design.

Think about adding a double sink to make mornings go more smoothly. Our qualified workers can redo your shower, adding a bench, multiple showerheads and hand rails for grandma’s safety. The addition of new cabinets are both gorgeous and functional.

Your budget and desires are always at the forefront. Our designers work with your wishes creating a feeling that is rustic, modern or somewhere in between. If your family takes showers and not baths, you might want to change the tub into a stall shower, leaving more room for storage space. However, if your family loves baths, install an oversized tub with water jets to rejuvenate and give the bathroom a spa feel.

By updating the lighting in your bathroom, the look can go from boring to fabulous. And do not forget the floor. Flooring speaks volumes about your style. Choose laminate, vinyl or tile – add your own flair to the room.

We will help you choose what you want. If you are undecided, our designers can make suggestions that can add storage, another sink, counter space or whatever updates you need to create your ideal bathroom.

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