Many jobs around the house can use the skills of a carpenter from building a home, to making changes in an existing one. Infinite Home Services uses only carpenters with the finest skills and accreditations. Safety is of the utmost importance with our workers and your home.

Carpenters can figure out the layout of a building site, frame walls, set up concrete floors, build stairs, hang doors, attach trim, build cabinets and more. By adding wood cabinets, trim and doors, you will add natural beauty to your home that lasts for many years. Wooden trim and molding updates can change the look of a room.

So many houses, especially older models, do not have square edges. Framing of floors and walls is important to the finished room. A carpenter can make recommendations and alterations to make flooring, paneling, cabinets and everything else fit together better.

If you are adding a room, remodeling, finishing a basement or enclosing a patio, a carpenter is an asset to the job. Our crew of skilled craftsmen in finish carpentry and cabinetry installation will make the changes in your home look spectacular. We can install any type windows or doors, and are careful to match flashing with your specifications.

We have an experienced management staff that can work with any size project. They will oversee the work and maintain safety standards. We work to keep your project on time and within your budget.

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