Carpet Installation

Dingy, lumpy, stained carpets will make your home look less attractive. At Infinite Home Services, we want you to feel great about your house. We can install any style of carpet you desire.

Buying carpet is one of the largest investments you will make for your home. It can change the mood of a room, create feelings of comfort and even eliminate echoes in large rooms. If you have small kids or pets, your best options will differ from families without them. You should also think about where your high traffic areas are located and carpet them accordingly.

Our highly skilled design staff will help you choose a color and type of carpet that will go with your décor and color schemes. Various fibers, such as acrylic, art wool, blends, nylon, olefin, polyester, polypropylene, recycles and wool, are currently available. About a dozen types of carpet are also on the market today. Cut and loop piles, flatweave, frieze, hooked rug, knotted pile, level loop pile, needlefelt, plush, Saxony, textured Saxony and tufted all have different qualities. Our staff understands carpet and what works best in high traffic areas or other spots in your home. We want you to have the carpet that will be perfect for your house and lifestyle.

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