Deck Construction

If you would like to add a porch or deck, Infinite Home Services is here for you. Our highly trained workers know the building codes and can work with any architectural style. We are creative, yet keep your desires in the forefront. If your home has a porch or deck already, we can inspect it and see what repairs you need.

Add a cozy retreat in the back of your home or a charming wraparound porch. Enclose your garden, patio, pool, hot tub, BBQ or other space in your yard, with a fabulous new deck. Choose wood or maintenance-free vinyl, whatever suits your fancy.

You are not limited to a basic flat deck. Let your imagination run wild. Choose a multi-level deck to provide additional outdoor living space. We can add window box gardens, benches or anything else you would like.  If your yard has a hill, a deck can add flat areas for entertaining.

A front porch is something that can help turn your house into a real home. If your house is raised above ground level, a porch can be the perfect answer. Add a railing for both safety and that homey feeling.

A concrete patio will add a friendly retreat to your property. It will revitalize your space into a wonderful area for cookouts and picnics.

Make your current porch or patio into a screened porch to offer protection from the elements and insects. The screened patio will encourage more time spend outside. Give your pets a taste of the outdoors without being loose.

Whatever you decide, we will help make your dreams into a reality. Keeping your budget in mind, we can add some outdoor living space to your home.

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