Duct Cleaning

When family members are sneezing or having more allergies than usual, you will benefit from having the air ducts of your home cleaned. Over the years, all sorts of material finds its way into to the ducts.

Dust, dirt, animal dander, rodent feces, tobacco smoke, pollen and all kinds of debris gets sucked into the air duct system of your home. If you are having home repairs, there can be drywall or other dust that adds to the mix. In addition, the dirt might begin growing dangerous mold and distributing it throughout your home every time the AC or heat blows through your house.

We can come and clean out the ducts and get you feeling better. At the same time, your HVAC will run more efficiently and you may see that reflected in lower utility bills. We use pressure and specialized tools to dislodge the dirt from the surface of the ducts. Then our powerful vacuuming equipment can get inside a variety of ducts to remove dirt and debris.

If, for some reason, we cannot get to where the dirt and mold is, the ducts may need to be replaced. We can handle that too, although we do our best to avoid any repairs and to be as cost effective as possible. Cleaning your ducts should be an annual project, but many people neglect it until is begins causing health issues for the family. Do not wait until that happens and get your ducts cleaned soon.

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