Excavation Service

Infinite Home Services has skilled machine operators to make certain every excavation job runs both safely and efficiently. We make every attempt to get the job done on time, but we never sacrifice speed for accuracy. Our technicians are experienced in sewer and septic repair and installation.

Having a major sewer problem is an inconvenience for everyone in the family. We understand that, and will help figure out the best way to proceed with your job. Our experienced staff will find workable options to fit your budget and get the water flowing again as soon as possible.

Sewer service repairs are not the only excavation service we provide. We also dig foundations for new homes or help with the repair of existing foundations.

Our excavation experts can take a steep hill on your property and grade it so that the land is more user friendly. We can show you how to make an area that is a waste of space into a garden or play area for the kids.

Whatever excavation needs you have, we can accommodate. Whether the job is small or large, we provide knowledgeable and skilled workers to get the task done.

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