Faux and Decorative Painting

A fabulous way to give your home a custom look is with decorative or faux painting. By adding this creative touch, your walls can be transformed into much more than just the sides of a room. Through a simple change in wall décor, you can create a feeling or add whimsy to any part of your home.

With decorative painting, you can add flair to a child’s room. A fairytale mural can make your child’s room come alive. Painting can show your unique style and make your home into a showplace.

Infinite Home Services works with artists who can add gorgeous color and style to any room. Marbleizing, wood grain, gold and silver leaf motifs are available to customize your walls. Metallic and pearlescent finishes add a touch of glamour. With the use of sponge, glaze and rag finishes, a subtle, yet magnificent change will impress your friends and make your house feel more like a home.

An elegant border will change the room where you eat into a dining experience. A landscape can take a sterile bathroom and transport you to another place in time through art. With faux and decorative painting, you are only limited by your own imagination. And, if you need a little help with that, our painters will help you decide on something that fits your style and your wallet.

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