Generator Installation and Service

Most people who have invested their life savings into the purchase of a home, would love to have a backup power source. This is especially important if you have a family member with serious health issues where a loss of power would seriously impact their medical condition. The rest of us would simply enjoy having lights and a refrigerator when the neighborhood loses power.

Whole house generators come in a variety of sizes and use a few types of fuel. Most run on diesel, natural gas or propane. Some homeowners want the generator to run the basics like the refrigerator and lights, while others want to ensure that everything in their home has power at all times.

Infinite Home Services is happy to help you figure out what size generator your home will need. These generators are usually between 22-48 kilowatts of power. Based on the amount of fuel you usually use, we can figure out what you will need in a generator.

Like AC units that are outside of your home, the generator will have a similar look. It will be encased in metal to keep out small animals, falling leaves or anything else that might come in contact with the housing.

Homeowners spend a lot of money on entertainment systems for their homes, but without electricity, these expensive toys are useless. With the installation of a generator, your home electronics will be working until your regular power service resumes.

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