Home Waterproofing

Do you worry about a wet basement every time it rains? Damp or wet basements can smell badly, grow mold and attract insects. At Infinite Home Services, our experienced professionals can lessen your worries by waterproofing your basement.

The biggest cause of water in the basement is heavy rain or melting snow that accumulates outside where your basement floor meets the walls. As the water fills in the space outdoors, it begins to seep inside. Basement window wells often collect water and cause leaks into the basement through the frame of the window.

A less common cause is water coming up through the middle of the floor. For the worst case scenario, floors required digging or the yard needs to be re-graded to fix the problem.

Drainage on the outside of the house makes a big difference. Drain spouts and pipes that carry water away from the foundation help avoid the accumulation of water that turns into a wet basement.

On the inside, hollow baseboards can carry water away and send it to a sump pump that is lower than the floor. Waterproofing caulks and sealants are used to create a barrier in between cement slabs, foundations, basement walls and floors.

Whatever the problem is, we work hard to stay within your budget while getting the best results. Our professionals are trained to figure out what your specific needs are to keep your basement dry and mold free.

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