Insulation Installation

A home without proper insulation will cause your family to feel the effects in extreme weather conditions. Having all areas insulated is an important step to getting your air conditioning and heating bills under control. Your home can loose heat or coolness by conduction, radiant losses, air convection, air infiltration, air intrusion and moisture accumulation.

Various type of insulation are on the market today and they have different strengths. Some insulation is a made of a reflective material in a blanket-like format that will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This insulating material comes in large rolls and can be used in attics and basements.

Another type is fiberglass insulation. It can be applied to areas in your attic and/or basement crawl spaces. It also comes in large rolls. The material can irritate your skin, so it is best to have a professional do the installation.

Many people turn to spray foam insulation. Foam has a lot of advantages. It stops the transfer of air through the walls, which is where a lot of drafts originate. Dust and pollen are reduced. Foam also prevents water seepage that can lead to mold. Noise from other rooms is lessened. Foam can even reduce the noisy creaks in your home.

Infinite Home Services can perform an energy audit to help you figure out where you are losing money through heat and air conditioning loss. We can then address your insulation needs and how you can best insulate your home.

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