Kitchen Remodeling

With the housing market the way it is today, instead of moving to another house, people are choosing to make changes to their current home. From a small change to a complete remodel, we have the right people for the job. The best way to drastically change the look of an older home is to fix up the kitchen. Updating appliances and making dramatic statements with cabinets and counters will make you want to spend time in the kitchen.

New floors will enhance the feel of the room with wood, tile or vinyl, depending on your desires and budget. Replace the sink and faucet to brighten the space. You could install a formica or tile backsplash to the sink. The backsplash colors will complement the rest of the kitchen and reflect your style from rustic to modern.

By changing the lighting in the kitchen, the feel of room can be much brighter. Install a hanging pot rack for a homey feel or add an island for lots of added storage and counter space.

One simple way to create a new look is to paint the kitchen walls, add wallpaper or a border. New window treatments can freshen the look of the whole room.

If you really want to make a radical change, knock out a wall or part of a wall to expand the kitchen. Remove the top half of the wall to create a breakfast bar for those quick morning meals before heading off to work. Or take out an entire wall to open up the kitchen space for your growing family. At Infinite Home Services, we keep your budget in mind, while making the changes you want.

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