Mold Remediation

Mold can grow in homes for a number of reasons. Damp basements, storm damage and other water damage can make mold into a real headache, literally. You can get sick if you have mold that is not treated in your home. At Infinite Home Services, we have the best options for mold remediation.

The source of the water damage needs to be evaluated. Sometimes it is obvious when you can see water marks on the floor and walls or if there is a damp smell. A perpetual problem, such as water leaking into a basement, should be stopped before removing the mold to avoid a recurrence. When there is one-time damage, like from a storm or water damage from putting out a fire, we can remove the mold right off the bat.

There are a few steps to successful mold removal. The first step is to stop the mold from spreading. Next is to safely and effectively kill the mold. After that, we remove dead mold from the area. The last step is to safeguard the area so no mold returns in the future. While bleach can kill mold on contact, it is unable to remove or protect your home from future problems.

Let us help you keep your family happy and healthy by killing, removing and preventing mold. Containing the mold and restoring proper ventilation to prevent future occurrences is critical to keeping the nasty stuff from disrupting your family and life.

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