No home is complete when there are plumbing problems. Infinite Home Services has expert plumbers to fix any difficulties you might have. No problem is too small or too extensive for our staff. We can work with whatever pipe material is in your home: copper, steel or plastic.

Leaks in your kitchen or bathroom sink can cause water damage to walls and floors. Dripping from behind a toilet can be a major inconvenience. Sump pumps and water heaters can also spring leaks that need a speedy repair. The little things can quickly turn into major projects if left ignored.

Drain clogs will upset your family’s daily routine. We can get right on your job quickly and perform whatever tasks are necessary to get the water flowing once again. Installation of a garbage disposal can help keep the kitchen sink clear.

Some homeowners want to replace equipment rather than make repairs. We can install and service whatever plumbing-related equipment or appliances you have or need.

For those big jobs, we are here to help you see you through. If you have a major break in your sewer line or problems with your septic or well, we have the right person to handle the repairs for you. We hope to avoid disrupting your life and get the plumbing running smoothly as quickly as possible.

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