Roofing and Siding

A home is only as safe as the roof. When the roof leaks, everything in the house is at risk of being destroyed. On the other hand, a roof that is in excellent condition is one that will protect the house from water damage or more lively intruders such as squirrels.

When water comes inside the house, damage can become extensive, creating a domino effect where water damage turns into structural damage to the house. Animal intruders can cause all kinds of destruction in the attic area. Chewing wires, building nests and leaving excrement all around can lead to malfunctioning electricity, odor and disease.

What the roof is to the top of the home, the siding is to the other outdoor areas. As siding deteriorates or comes loose, the house is more vulnerable to damage from water and other problems. Vines can curl their stems around siding breaking, bending or knocking off pieces of the siding. Some siding material can fade or have other sun damage.

Our Infinite Home Services team has the best roofers and siding people around with competitive pricing. No matter what type of roof you have – asphalt, metal or slate – we have someone who can handle the job. The same is true with siding. We can work with metal, plastic or cedar.

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