Having a skylight in your home offers a way to bring the outside to the inside. A skylight will add a dramatic effect to whatever room it is installed.

Our skylight experts know exactly how to install a skylight without doing any damage to your roof. The best placement for a skylight is on the southwest facing side of the house. Sometimes trees may need to be cut back in order to get the most benefit from the sunlight.

Infinite Home Services can install a new skylight, or we can replace or repair an existing skylight. We use high tech methods to look for any areas where water might leak and have ways to re-route water toward the drain spouts where it can safely drain without causing any problems.

We offer a complete line of skylights to fit any home. A dome-shaped, bubble style is strong and works best with slanted ceilings or dormers. The flat type skylight is flush with the roof, but still repels water away, and is commonly used on flat roofs.

The skylight itself can be made of different materials. Plastic acrylic is strong and forces water away from the roof. Tempered glass is designed to shatter into harmless pieces if a large object falls onto it. Laminated glass is covered with a film-like backing. If cracked or broken, the glass pieces will stick to the film. Ultra-violet coated has a filter to harmful UV rays that can damage the skylight.

A popular option is to add blinds with a remote control to the skylight. You can shade the light in times when it is too warm or you just do not want the sun shining in the room.

Adding a skylight enables you to enjoy this radiant light from the sun for years to come. What a great way to start each morning, with the brightness and warmth of the sun beaming down on you.

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