Window and Door Installation

One major source of trouble in most homes is the doors and windows. When windows are not fitted properly or are old and single paned, heat escapes in the winter and cool air gets out in the summer.

With the installation of secure insulated windows, the heat stays inside during the winter and the cool air does not escape in the summer. Your gas and electric bills will reflect a positive change and you will be helping the environment by avoiding energy waste. Not only do the windows help save energy and money, but they also require little to no maintenance. The panes tilt inward for easy cleaning.

Older people sometimes have trouble with old rusty window locks. The new windows are easy to lock, even for people with arthritis.

Replacement doors are secure to keep your family safe and sound. Doors are available in metal or wood, depending on your personal preference. They come in many styles with handles that open easily and lock safely.

At Infinite Home Services, we take pride in the fact that there is no high-pressure selling or questionable sales schemes with our windows and doors. You tell us what you want, and we find the best way to give it to you. If you are unsure about what to do, we can advise you on what is available in your price range.

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