Concrete and blacktop repair

Jun 7, 2016

Do you have grass growing in between the sections of your sidewalk? Are there unsightly cracks in your steps or driveway?

Infinite Home Services does more than work inside the home, we also handle all sorts of work on the outside of your home. Steps, sidewalks and driveways, can take a beating over the winter from the salt. Roots of trees – we also do tree work if you need it – can cause buckling and cracking of cement walkways and driveways.

We’ll work with any type of concrete, blacktop or paving stones. Our subcontractors have experience in all of the available types of hardscaping materials. Finding a way to get what you want and stay within your budget helps us take away the pain out of dealing with subcontractors on your own.

Crumbling cement steps are a hazard to your family and friends. Taking out old concrete and replacing it will add value to your home and give it an updated new look. More importantly, the steps will be much safer. We can add a railing, especially if older adults are in the home, for additional safety.

Maybe you want to change the old, boring sidewalk leading from the road to the house to a more modern curving walkway. Our experts think outside the box to find what will make you the happiest while changing the walkways around your home. Paving stone paths can wind around your yard any way you like.

We can build flowerbeds that are up a couple feet from the ground. These raised planters or flowerbeds modernize the look of your yard. This style allows you to work on your flowers without bending over as much.

Please contact us to get an estimate on concrete or other paving work. We can get you on the schedule as soon as possible.

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