Is your deck ready for summer?

May 31, 2016

The brutal Baltimore winter didn’t spare many homes from its wrath. Now that the warm weather is here, homeowners all over town are making repairs and replacing their decks. Infinite Home Services has subcontractors ready to do anything you need to make your deck look amazing this summer.

We can install a new deck to add outdoor living space to your home. Remove an old cement patio with grass growing between sections that look old and weathered. Make plans to replace the concrete patio and build a new deck that will look gorgeous.

Decks make a wonderful place to hold fun family gatherings or be the relaxing oasis to take you away from your long day at work. Either way, we can come up with the ideal sized deck for your home and yard. It can have built in benches, planters or anything else your heart desires. We’ll build the ideal deck for your space and budget.

Wood that is rotting or otherwise damaged can be a hazard for your family. It’s time to get those things repaired before the kids start using the deck every day. Repairs for railings and stairs will make your deck a more usable part of your home.

If you have an existing deck that needs any kind of work, big or small, our deck specialists have the know how to make it look like new. Our talented subcontractors will fix your deck with power washing, repairs and/or staining.

Contact us and we’ll have someone come out and take a look at your deck or the place where you would like to build a deck. We’ll design something that fits perfectly with your home.

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