Little things mean a lot

Apr 4, 2016

At Infinite Home Services we are not interested solely in the large jobs. Everything, including handyman services, are important for our clients.

Right between a service professional and DIY is the handyman. He can do things that are too advanced for you to do yourself, but don’t necessarily need need a master plumber, professional roofer or master electrician.

A handyman can be one of the most valuable people you know. There are many jobs around your house that could use a handyman rather than a more expensive specialist. The jobs don’t necessarily need to be small.

In the attic, a handyman can be hired to replace or install insulation. He can check for damage to the structure. In the basement, a handyman can install a sump pump, add handrails to the stairs, put up shelving or insulate your hot water heater. Bathroom jobs may include drywall repair, minor plumbing fixes, installing new light fixtures, putting in a new shower head, replacing a vanity and tub caulking.

In bedrooms, our handymen can repair drywall, install shelving inside or outside of the closet, put together beds or furniture and update or change closet doors.

If you recently had a child and need to childproof your home. A handyman is a perfect person to do it. Wainscoting and crown molding can be repaired or installed by a handyman. Home office jobs can include having shelves installed or furniture put together.

Whatever type of handyman services you need, Infinite Home Services has a professional handyman to help you. Give us a call to find out what our handymen can do in your home. We will find the right person for the job you need done.

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