Springtime roofing

May 3, 2016

After a long, snowy winter, your roof may be showing signs of damage. Between the heavy snow laying on the roof, branches falling from storms and normal wear and tear, Baltimore area rooftops have taking quite a beating over the brutal winter months.
Homes may have leaks in the roof where water is dripping in the house. Your home could have some missing shingles or some other type of damage from the weather.
Gutters can also have damage due to heavy snow from the blizzard. Gutters can be leaking, bent or even have missing sections after severe weather. Draining water away from your home it important, so these repairs should be done as soon as possible.
Infinite Home Services has the best roofing subcontractors in the area. We first take a look at your roof and make the decision whether a repair can be done or if you need a new roof. As general contractors, our goal is to do the best job either way.
If we can make repairs, your roof will have added life before it needs to be completely replaced. You have more time to save up for the replacement, as long as the roof is still functional and keeping you dry.
Roofs come in a variety of styles and our professional roofers handle all roofing materials. Shingles come in asphalt, shake and and wood varieties. Other roof types, like rubber, metal and slate are also used in area roofs. No matter what material is needed, we can handle the job.
Give us a call or fill out our contact form to make arrangements for us to take a look at your roof.

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